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Eagle 22-12-2005 01:11 AM

UFO / Other Anderson projects?...
No-one else got anything on the go?... :(

MkIXHawk 22-12-2005 10:13 PM

Well, I'm currenntly working on a 9" long SHADO Mobile, based on the Phil RAE plans. it's taken 2 months just to make the wheels!

I'm hoping to have working suspension. The big problem will be the tracks!

Eagle 22-12-2005 10:31 PM

Well, we would still like to see the wheels! :D

w8cmp 22-12-2005 11:29 PM

Too many things 'on the go' to mention right now...not all Anderson though...

On my 'part completed / needs finishing' list are:

Studio scale Mobile (with Tiger Joe wheels / tracks)
Shado Albatross aircraft
Shado Lunar Module & carrier
Spectrum Hovercraft resin kit
Fireflash (plastic kit)
Mole (large plastic kit)


Another Warp Eagle Transporter
Freighter pod for the above
22" AB Eagle
44" AB Eagle
Re-work of PE 23" Eagle
8" Resin Moon Buggy
12" Altares
Taybor's ship & gun
1:1 stun gun resin kit
3" Arra's shuttle
Jim's set of 3 Alpha Tanks
Jim's Ultra Probe nosecone
Warp Hawk
Warp Eagle lift platform


USS Voyager
USS Enterprise D (Future conversion)
All other starship models made by AMT
Starbase Travel Pod
Starfleet Shuttlecraft (ST-V)
1:350 USS Enterprise NX-01
1:350 USS Enterprise A
Several Polar Lights USS Enterprise (original)
Several Polar Lights Klingon D-7
Firefox 1:48 resin kit
2001 Pod (large Captain Cardboard resin kit)
2001 Aries shuttle & landing platform
BG Viper (3 of them) with cockpit conversions
BG Cylon
BG Galactica
BG Cylon Base Star
Buck Rogers Starfighter & Marauder
VTTBOTS Flying Sub
LOTG Spindrift
LIS Jupiter 2 with LED lighting
Millennium Falcon (MPC with resin conversion / cold cathode lighting)
Fine Molds X-Wing, TIE, TIE Interceptor, Slave 1 & Millennium Falcon (on the way)


Several military kits in 1:35 with etched brass detail
Several airliners in 1:144
Several military aircraft in various scales with etched detail
About another 500 kits in my loft waiting for me to build them...mostly with extra detail kits where available

Don't think there are enough years left in me to do this lot, let alone having the space to display them all...


Eagle 22-12-2005 11:51 PM

Doesn't have to be Anderson... :roll: ;)

shrugger 23-12-2005 12:25 AM

I've just got the CC X-wing on hold till I finish the Big Bird.

w8cmp 23-12-2005 07:53 AM


Originally Posted by shrugger
I've just got the CC X-wing on hold till I finish the Big Bird.

Oohhh....I really wanted to get hold of one of those X-Wings, but I don't believe they're in production any more are they ?

shrugger 23-12-2005 12:13 PM

I havnt checked lately, but SSM had a couple in the store ;)

TonyB 23-12-2005 01:00 PM

I have about 40 part painted Lord of the Rings 28mm models started ATM if that counts. :)

I will be starting the two MEV resin kits later on in the holiday, they can go with the new aquisition to my collection, two Martian Rock Snakes I just got from Fanderson. :D

And absolutely loads of other stuff far too numerous to mention, but like Chris mentioned, nowhere near enough time, (in this life time anyway), to finish them all. :(

GunTruck 23-12-2005 07:08 PM

I've got one of SSM's Viper Mk.II on the bench right now. I like this one - and in 1:72 scale goes with the Fine Molds Star Wars and Hasegawa Macross Fighters.

I also am working on what I think the predecessor to the Eagle Transporter looked like - a Falcon Space Shuttle - to go with my Pods-U-Like entry...


Eagle 23-12-2005 07:43 PM

Do you have a camera?... ;) :P :brows:

w8cmp 23-12-2005 08:01 PM

Just cleared up my model room so I can get in there during my 2 weeks off work, and have decided what my priorities are for building / completing this no particular order:

Jim Small Ultra Probe - Built, painted base coat. Awaiting panel detailing, decals and engines etc

Jim Small Alpha Tanks (3) - Built two of three. To complete, prime, paint, decal & detail etc

1:1 Resin Stun Gun - Built and sprayed silver. To complete painting / detailing

Jim Small Pilot Ship - Not yet started

Warp Hawk - Built, primed. To do detail parts, painting and detailing

Warp Eagle Lift - Built. Awaiting priming, painting & detailing

Warp Eagle Freighter Pod - Built & painted. To decal & detail.

Revell Babylon 5 Starfury - Built and painted. Awaiting detailing, decals & weathering

Monogram Buck Rogers Starfighter - Built and base coat painted. To finish panel detailing, decals and weathering etc

Monogram BG Viper - Part built with cockpit conversion. To complete, paint, decal & detail etc

Resin SHADO Albatross - Built & primed. To paint, decal and detail

Resin Star Trek V Shuttlecraft - Built & primed. To top coat, decal & detail

Stargazer Models Dark Star - Built. To fill joints, rub down, prime, top coat, decal & detail

1:48 Resin Firefox - 75% built. To complete, rub down, prime, paint, decal & detail

1:76 Challenger ARRV conversion of Revell kit. 75% built - to complete

These are just the ones screaming out at me to be completed...there are hundreds more in boxes which I have started and put away again - see the list above for some of them...

If I can get half of this lot done I suppose I'll be happy !


GunTruck 23-12-2005 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by Eagle
Do you have a camera?... ;) :P :brows:

Yes. Attached here is my Falcon Space Shuttle concept sitting next to a PE Eagle Transporter. I'm about 45% through pulling together the basic idea(s) - but I have a way to go before painting, revised Pod details, Engineering/Engine Bell structural supports, completing the Spine Truss, Landing Legs, etc...

What I'm envisioning (and still working out) is an immediate predecessor to the Eagle Spacecraft. Familiar components, but less capable - lineage clear, but different. My idea has Utility Pods that are semi-permanent on this spacecraft, for example. They can't be dropped and changed like the improved Eagle Spacecraft, calling for drydocking facilities for such. Even the range of my idea of the Falcon is much less than in the improved Eagle Spacecraft, as well as maximum speed.

I want to work this all out while off for the Holidays - as it is a background part of my Pods-U-Like Entry.


Eagle 15-07-2006 12:21 AM

Any progress? Looking good. :)

Gumdrop and Spider 15-07-2006 12:54 AM

It would be nice to see the progress since December. It's a nifty little Eagle; and a great concept.


Moontrekker 15-07-2006 08:56 AM

My god :shock: :shock:

And I thought my airfix model was giving me a job... :o

MkIXHawk 16-07-2006 08:14 AM

Fed up with working out how to attach the wheels to the Mobile Chassis, I've recently built the 'piggy back' fighter from Thunderbirds - 'The Duchess Assignment', modified from an F104 with F101 wings. I'm just waiting for decal sheets from Hannants so I can make my own markings. Then, I have to build the Carrier Craft


Barrington Bond 16-07-2006 10:54 AM

Wahey I like that carrier craft - any idea what the wing bits come from on it? You'll be needing 3 SRN1 airducts for that...

Barrington Bond 16-07-2006 10:56 AM

What manufacturer kits did you use for the piggyback fighter?

MkIXHawk 16-07-2006 03:44 PM

Hasegawa F104 G/S for the Fuselage
Revell F101 Voodoo for the wings (these have to be trimmed to match the body outline

Dunno about the SRN1 ducts though; they're about as common as rocking horse poo

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