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barrie 17-01-2016 06:52 PM

scratch built nebulon frigate
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Hi Guys,
here is my latest scratcbuild the nebulon frigate from star wars, over four feet long and very heavy, she will soon be on display at TRANSPORT MODELS OF PRESTON soon. let me know what you think of her as all comments are good comments and will help me to improve.

regards Barrie ( the old guy )

Steve Gerard 17-01-2016 08:10 PM

She is a fascinating Empire Strikes Back spaceship. Looks like it is coming along well. :thumbup:

Slate Mcleod 18-01-2016 12:00 AM

Barrie, I have to say mate, I have watched your work over the last few years and the standard of it is increasing at an exponential rate ! The detail in that is just beyond excellence. Well done !!!

Hectors House 18-01-2016 01:34 PM

Having built a 7ft version myself, the only critic's I can possibly make, is that from a purely personal point of view the missiles and fuel tank parts are a little too obvious. I'd cut them up a bit remove the fins and add some extra detail to disguise them a bit.
Also the detail on the main flat parts are a bit heavy and really should be scored onto flat panels with a little relief here and there.

There are a ton of really good images of the original miniature that will really help you in this.

Otherwise 'LOOKING GOOD' and you've managed to solve certain engineering problems with touches of pure genius; welcome to the utter mad club!!!

barrie 19-01-2016 06:42 PM

Thank you very much gentlemen thanks for the vote of confidence and the tips for future models, a seven foot version must look brilliant and must have taken ages, have you posted any images of the giant on the site ? I would love to see it and get some more tips.

thank you one and all Barrie ( the old guy )

Hectors House 20-01-2016 08:45 AM

I built it for a Happy Mediums book (Epic Scale Sci-fi Modelling; which is now available as an e-book on Pocketmag/Apple App store).
The model is currently on permanent display at 'Wroxham Miniature Worlds'.

I took a load of detailed pics for a couple of guys who were building their own versions. If you ping me PM with your address I'll get them to you.

The model was planned over 4 years; then built at breakneck speed to publishing deadlines. It took approx. 250hrs to build and weighs in excess of 20.0kg!
It was based on Joe Johnston's Colour Sketch used by ILM to paint the original SM. So it only has 5 engines instead of the 7 on the original.
But the detailing was created using original kit parts...

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