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AceMartini 17-11-2006 02:43 PM

What was the first episode you saw?
When Space: 1999 premiered, I lived in the smallish town of Denison, Iowa. Denison is situated roughly 100 miles from each of the cities of Des Moines, Omaha and Sioux City. Space: 1999 was purchased by local stations in each of those cities and so ran three times a week for those of us out in the boonies. I think I watched each episode every time it played on the various channels.

The first episode that I saw (after “Breakaway”) was “Mission of the Darians,” which I thought was terrific and really set the tone for the series. I assume that wasn’t the first episode everyone saw. I’d be interested to hear who saw what episode and when.

w8cmp 17-11-2006 02:47 PM

Being 30 or so years ago, I really can't remember what order I saw them in...only that it was the first terrestrial UK broadcast, starting with Breakaway.

I remember vividly the fantastic advertising for the series building up to that first episode. Of course I had a Dinky Eagle by the time the series aired, so I could play along. I was so excited by the series and was not disappointed when it was finally shown.

I spent many lessons at school drawing Eagles when I should have been me in to trouble on more than one occasion.


TonyB 17-11-2006 03:39 PM

I can vividly remember the day I first saw Space 1999 on TV, Yorkshire TV on Thursday evening at 7pm in September 1975 for the first episode Breakaway, I did not miss one of the orginal TV screenings, although I caught most of season 2 on Sunday lunchtimes or early afternoons.

The thing is I can vividly remember most of the Gerry Anderson TV series and when they were on from Stingray onwards as I was there in front of the TV set ready and waiting.

I do struggle a bit to remember what day Four Feather Falls and Fireball was on though but that was 1962/1963 so its no real surprise, however I can even remember the pre Fireball Space Patrol series, (non Anderson but his later partner Arthur Provis with Roberta Leigh), being on Sunday's at around 5.30pm and that was in 1961/1962 and I would have been 5 or 6 at the time. :o

I can remember most of that but struggle to remember what I had for my tea yesterday. :?

Any prizes for being the sad old git then..... :P

17-11-2006 03:57 PM

Ace, its nice to see another eagle nut that lives close by! im down south of sioux falls, sd and you speaking of denison caught my eye. i used to drive over there for archery competitions several years ago. small world huh!

as for the first episode.... hell, i cant remember what i watched last week half the time, let alone 30 years ago! :?

sliuman 17-11-2006 04:02 PM

I caught the series on its first run on LWT back in, god, was it 1975.... aired about 5pm in the evening as I remember...Being a Gerry Anderson series I was already predisposed and after Breakaway was hooked forever.

Mind you I can still remember watching Thunderbirds on a little coin-operated TV (sadly black and white) my parents used in the early 60s...

Great days of Brit TV...

AceMartini 17-11-2006 04:06 PM

I don't know why that sticks in my head, but it really does. Series 2 wasn't shown in Omaha or Sioux City and I was only able to catch a few episodes on Sunday nights at 10:30 on Channel 5 in Ames. I didn't see all of series 2 until it came out on DVD.

Northerner -- it's hard to believe that someone on this forum has been to Denison. Home of Donna Reed and an obscure guy named Clarence Chamberlain, who would be a lot more famous if he'd taken his solo flight across the Atlantic a week earlier. I really do love the town, though it isn't the way I remember it anymore. And there is still an Ealge buried out on my parents' farm, wating for me to come find it.

Mark42 17-11-2006 08:38 PM

1st episode Breakaway on Thursday night 7:30pm. Oddly I strongly remember my Mum telling me there was a 'new space program' coming on soon and then watching the preview clips shown during the week leading up to the series and being really excited about it. Halfway through the episode after Koenig had just crashed and it went into a commercial break I realised that I really needed an Eagle.
31 years ago - seems almost like yesterday!

DX-SFX 17-11-2006 08:43 PM

Breakaway was the first on a Saturday. I can remember being absolutely gobsmacked at what they ended up doing with the Moon. I too came away thinking I've got to get myself an Eagle model from somewhere. I wasn't the only one either because I remember me a few school pals were competing to see who could find the new Airfix kit first.

w8cmp 17-11-2006 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by Mark42
Halfway through the episode after Koenig had just crashed and it went into a commercial break I realised that I really needed an Eagle.
31 years ago - seems almost like yesterday!

If only you knew then that your dream would ultimately come true...

AceMartini 17-11-2006 09:34 PM

I remember being very excited to find the Eagle kit at our local dime store (Hyde's). I ended up buying two of them. 7 or 8 months later I saw a discounted stack of a dozen of them at the K-Mart in the nearby town of Carroll, Iowa. Years and years of regret about not buying a few more of them.

We were in the process of building a new house when Space: 1999 came on. Dad had dug a trench around the outside foundation to work on something or other and that trench turned out to be a great place to fly one of my eagles. I left it hanging from a thread in the trench and when I got back from school the next afternoon... the trench had been filled.

I know where it is within a few feet. Some day, when Mom and Dad are away from the farm for a few days....

OracsRevenge 17-11-2006 10:30 PM

Nah, leave it, a few million years time and the archeologists will marvel at the race of little people who used to thrive here.

Retroboy 17-11-2006 11:08 PM

Like Tony B. i remember breakaway first time round on that thursday night.I soooooo remember jumping up and down on the sofa in excitement when the waste domes blew..........happy days.

Elric 17-11-2006 11:27 PM

I remember the first episode I saw was 'Breakaway', not sure what date or time but it was the Granada (Manchester) TV region.

My brother had been working on the MOD bases in Gibraltar and he'd already seen it before it showed in Granada land!

It wasn't long after that I got hold of a Dinky Eagle and the Airfix one as soon as it appeared.

Pete Schmitz 18-11-2006 12:26 AM

Breakaway was my first also. I remember my dad and I were anticipating it for weeks, and on the night it premiered I was off playing, it was just getting dusk, and he came and found me and we went back and watched it together. In fact we watched it together every single week. After he died, it has always made me feel good to watch it, kind of takes me back to those times. And of course on Sep 13, 1999 I had an all night festival of it.

CR 18-11-2006 03:29 AM

"Breakaway" for me, as well. Beyond that, thanks to syndication, I can't remember what order I watched them in, but I rarely missed an episode.
I remember later in the year, our local tv guide erroniously announced that "Breakaway" was going to be re-run; I & a girl my age at school were both disappointed when that ep wasn't shown. Turns out I wouldn't see that ep again until I bought the dvd set nearly 30 years later... I never was able to get the laser disc because it went out of production, even though I got nearly the rest of the series in that format.
Back to the first run, though... my dad and I often watched the show together, and occasionally my mom would join us. When "Wargames" first aired, she remarked after the first act that "this must be the last one."
When I got my Fundimensions Eagle, I put it together in one afternoon (not a difficult task, of course, but it had been one of my first model kits). A couple months later, a friend told me he'd seen a model kit of Moonbase Alpha... I didn't believe him, thinking that it was just too good to be true, yet I hoped that maybe, just maybe, he was telling the truth. I don't remember if I got Alpha for my birthday or for Christmas, but I do remember it was one of my favorite gifts. Later still, I saved money for weeks to get the 1977 calendar, and sometime in there I got the Mattel Eagle as a gift. All throughout, my dad bought me the comics & magazines from Charlton, and I watched re-runs as often as possible.

I didn't see a single Season Two ep first run, because the local station never showed it. I saw an ep or two while on vacation in another state, and a few years later when I moved there, I was able to catch most of them as re-runs. (I do remember one of the first Season Two eps I saw was "Space Warp.")

DX-SFX 18-11-2006 11:47 AM

I used to love those grisly endings. I remember thinking oh yuk but wow at the end of Death's Other Dominion.

Barrington Bond 18-11-2006 07:58 PM

Missed Breakaway when Southern showed it first as I was away on holiday - didn't see it until the BBC showed it! I think the show was on a schoolday about 4:30pm as it was on not long after getting home from school. Seem to remember Dragons Domain freaking me out just as the episode of Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea did when a diving bell gets swallowed by a whale and they send in a team of divers to rescue the occupants in its stomach. Yech!

Fortunately I was spared series 2 for some years as Southern didn't show it.

Transporter 18-11-2006 08:18 PM

I first saw a green Dinky Eagle in a toy shop in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland and only then realised that there was a new Gerry Anderson show on TV. Because the show was shown in Italy before it was shown in Germany (of course it was never on Swiss TV :?)they also had the Dinky Eagle and the Airfix Eagle. I did build my first Airfix Eagle at that time, but never bought a Dinky Eagle because it was green and not white...:shock:.I could hardly wait for the German TV to start the series with "Breakaway" which was the first episode for me too.

cricket 18-11-2006 11:05 PM

This is going to sound bad, but I can't recall if I first saw an episode Stateside or in the UK. We bounced around a lot as a family just about then. I never saw them in order until I finally got the DVDs decades later. I remember being bored by Black Sun (now one of my absolute favorites) and mesmerized by Testament of Arkadia. Breakaway was probably my 10th or so episode, and I do remember thinking 'Ohh, so that's what happened!" And I always like Guardian of Piri because of the ending with the Eagles.

Liberator 18-11-2006 11:08 PM

I still recall it being screened on a Saturday night at 6.30 on our local TV station GMV-6. I watched it from the first episode Breakaway. I know now it was never shown in sequence.

I still remember the sadness when GMV-6 said they had screened the last episode only to find it back on next week with "The Troubled Spirt" one of my least favorite episodes, maybe my least favorite becasue it was the last! The second season never screened on the local regional stations. From reading some of the comments here the 2nd season didnt screen in many places no wonder it didn't rate!

It always pained me to read the TV guide to see it showing on the metropolitan stations. I wonder now as well with the new TV laws if 1999 would even be allowd to be screened at 6.30 on a Saturday night, some of their stuff was a bit grizzly.

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