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wappynutter 18-11-2012 11:11 PM

"Little" Star Wars build....
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.....Back again for my 3rd little build and as the title suggests its a star wars one.:yes: :st:
As a 7 year old boy i sat wide-eyed with my dad and became instantly hooked, and have been ever since with the ever expanding star wars universe. :notworthy:
From the very first shot of Leia's blockade runner trying to outrun the destroyer i fell in love with the ships, be they old republic craft, clonewars cartoon or from any of the 6 films. :thumbup: :yes:

So what to build?...The Falcon? No there are a million builds of this " bucket of bolts!"
Venator? Star destroyer? X-wing,Tie????? Nope.... Otana,Outrider,Ebon Hawk???? Nice and nearly did but still alot of builds of these are available wth a google search. :yes: :D

So hows about an AA9 Refugee transport???? :-/ What i hear you say????
Seen briefly in episode 2 Attack of the clones, Padme and Anakin don civillian clothes and catch an AA9 back to Naboo for safety while Obi Wan goes looking for the Assassin Jengo Fett.Here are some pictures to show what i'm on about....
Attachment 9148Attachment 9149Attachment 9150Attachment 9151

So hopefully some of you will drop by for a look as i log my little AA9 transport build...:yes::thumbup:

Untill the next post,

Regards Andy :D

thundergod 19-11-2012 07:51 PM

I have a soft spot for the less "glamorous " craft from the "Star Wars Universe ". ( My favourite is the Jawa Sandcrawler ). It's a great design and I shall be following your progress with much interest ! :thumbup:

wappynutter 20-11-2012 10:09 PM

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Yeah Thunder, i agree the less glamorous are some of the best...:D
...of which did you ever sort that Barc speeder build ? :thumbup:

I have been checking out some less glamorous " clone wars " cartoon craft of late... the Turtle tanker, Pantoran cruiser the Falfa, GS 100 salvage ship Vultures claw, s-130 shelter speeder, Mandalorian shuttle, Trandoshan hunt ship, the Halo, Zygerrian slaver transport and of the latest series 5 the Jedi training cruiser Crucible all slightly different from the usual, but all most definitely Star Wars.:D :thumbup:

So while i'm here i'll share my sketches and ideas for the little AA9 i decided to build.

Attachment 9173 Found this excellent piece of artwork on google
#Ooops..hope the owner dont mind me posting it here, i will remove if needed,Thanks#

Attachment 9166Attachment 9167Attachment 9168Attachment 9169Attachment 9170Attachment 9171Attachment 9172
All measurements are in mm and i did change some of my build ideas as i went along for speed and ease, ( note the 9fin idea as i was gonna do the fin to shape then filler and sand method ).:-/

Right next post i will show you what to do with old Plastic Lotto gamecards, and how a pen, pencil and a quit smoking aid can be put to good use.. :brows: :D

Thanks for looking in...

Regards Andy :o

thundergod 21-11-2012 07:00 PM

Can't wait to see how this progresses . What sort of scale/size are you talking ? ( As for the BARC Speeder , it WILL happen , but it's in ( very ) early planning stages at the moment ! ) . And hurry up with the next post , consider me intrigued .:thumbup:

wappynutter 21-11-2012 10:49 PM

Quick post to answer Thundergod's question and a web link i think a couple of you may well like:yes: Well Thunder will as its right up his street :D

While browsing my favorite PC casemod sites i started reading some AT-AT toy mods and in turn these lead me to a VERY... impressive build, as a model in its own rights its cool but with a watercooled pc included it gets top marks from me...:clap:
What is this build??:w00t: Thundergod's favorite Jawa transport, completed in 2011 its been about a while but for those who dont browse casemod sites this is just fantastic... the detailing and lighting in this is the biz...:thumbup: :clap: :yes:

....and as for the scale/size of the AA9... Urrmmm small compared to its CGI'd counterpart on the big screen.Star wars wiki lists the transport at 390mtrs long and capable of carrying 30,000 passengers.
I've just measured and as it is now its 125mm nose to tail ( 5" in old money ),
56mm high ( 2 1/4" ), width at the rear is 74mm ( 3" ) and at the nose 32mm ( 1 1/4" ).All conversions are approx.:-/

Hope this post and the link within keep you occupied until i get back with the next update...
Thanks for looking.
Regards Andy :D

thundergod 22-11-2012 04:29 PM

That's pretty good ! I WILL build one some day , the only thing holding me back is getting the Harrier kit parts for the rear detailing ! ;)

wappynutter 05-12-2012 09:37 PM

22 Attachment(s)
I'm back..... sorry :uhohdown:
Busy at work and then "ManFlu" to top it off...

Right Health lotto game cards and kleptomaniac kids and i got me a supply of 1mm thick plasticard for some hidden construction work....:thumbup:

Attachment 9233Attachment 9234Attachment 9235Attachment 9236Attachment 9237Attachment 9238Attachment 9239

I would just point out i DONOT condone stealing in anyway and make my little girl put back child size handfuls of these on a weekly basis ( she has got better over time ):D but when you find 3 or 4 in her "Grown-up purse" in her room you just gotta dispose of the evidence.....:yes: ;) :D :cop:

Now i also mentioned a small cigarette type anti-smoking devise which you untwist and place liquid nicotine filled capsules in and when twist locked pierce and release the contents...
Well a couple of the ends off these make excellent ( in need of finishing )engine pods... attached to a styrene body and tail mounting plate look really good..
Attachment 9240Attachment 9241Attachment 9242Attachment 9243

Hmmmm now to hide the remainder of these borrowed lotto cards and use a plastic pen tube and a split in half pencil to create the lower decks of this transport..:thumbup:
Attachment 9244Attachment 9245Attachment 9246Attachment 9247Attachment 9248Attachment 9249Attachment 9250Attachment 9251

And a couple of comparrisen pics to finish this post off....
Attachment 9252Attachment 9253Attachment 9254

Thanks for waiting for me... hopefully next time i'll post some pictures of the rear lower deck pipe/engine work and start to "Skin" the thing with some 1/4mm styrene..

Till next time, Thanks for looking in..

Regards Andy :thumbup:

wappynutter 03-01-2013 11:31 PM

19 Attachment(s)
Happy New Year all..... belated i know but ..... i'm back now so will give you a little bit more of this build.:thumbup:

So i promised some rear engine detailing and some styrene skinning to hide the borrowed goods :D

Attachment 9404Attachment 9405Attachment 9406Attachment 9407Attachment 9408
So after a look at some movie stills and some "artistic licence" i have made up a rear engine/gubbins section....
Attachment 9409Attachment 9410Attachment 9411Attachment 9412
.... and before gluing it shut i included and painted all the internal workings to save fiddling later on...

Now to skinning the body and a think about the engine section..

Attachment 9413Attachment 9414Attachment 9415Attachment 9416Attachment 9417Attachment 9418
After skinning the back and underside i looked at the middle rear engine and made adjustments swapping the anti smoking tip for a larger spray bottle top, skinning it with the 1/4mm styrene and using 3 small broken wheels and some small zip-ties to detail the engine rims...:thumbup:
Attachment 9419Attachment 9420Attachment 9421Attachment 9422

I've also started to throw some milliput in and on some of the open ends and created the engine tips with the left overs..:yes:
Right next post i'll detail the back some and work on building up and detailing the engine pods more..

Thanks for having a look everyone, like all my little builds this gets worse before it gets better but i promise you'll like the finished result.:yes:

Till next time.
Regards Andy :D

wappynutter 21-01-2013 11:11 PM

10 Attachment(s)
Back once more alphans....Sorry...:o
So as promised i will carry on with my build pictures showing the detailing of the engine pods and the top section of the transport.

Attachment 9517Attachment 9518Attachment 9519

Okay so i used some 1/4 mm styrene to detail the top and included the screen cutout on the milliput nose section.I also cut and attached the front triangular recessed section so i could milliput up to and around it to form the front of the lower hull section.

Attachment 9520Attachment 9521Attachment 9522Attachment 9523

The engine pods...using 1mm styrene, zipties and lots of CA...are about complete at that so i will detail the body to pods section of the hull simulating fuel pipes and engine /power conduit type greeblies and build and detail the sloped tail end of the upper hull where it comes down to meet the tail section.:thumbup:

Attachment 9524Attachment 9525Attachment 9526

The last picture shows the underside detailing and gives a rough size gauge with my big fat hand in shot...:oops:
Still a long way off finishing but hopefully next time i will post pictures of the lower hull detailing and pull in all the little details and milliputting.
Thanks again for having a look.

regards Andy ( "The not getting any better at this building lark :no:!!" Alphan :D)

thundergod 22-01-2013 04:17 PM

This is coming along nicely . Keep it up ! :thumbup:

wappynutter 20-02-2013 07:32 PM

14 Attachment(s)
Back again.... Sorry....:-/
Thanks Thunder, i'll try and wrap this up a bit quicker so you dont get bored waiting between updates..:thumbup:
Here is a reminder of how far i got..
Attachment 10064Attachment 10065Attachment 10066Attachment 10067
Right lower hull detailing...
Attachment 10068Attachment 10069Attachment 10070Attachment 10071Attachment 10072Attachment 10073Attachment 10074
The first couple of pics show the crude nose build with milliput and around the base are the 1/4 mm styrene details waiting to be glued in place.
Then i went to town with some casual styrene placing to represent the detail in a picture displayed at the start of this thread.
To represent the waistband windows i took some Zip ties and cut them to size and glued then in place...
Attachment 10075...:thumbup:

...And to finish off this post here are a couple of pics showing the near completed build..Hope you like..:yes:
Attachment 10076Attachment 10077...

So thats it for this update, next time i'll ruin it with some paint... then bring it back to something like with a finish wash and custom made base.. ( fingers crossed ) :lol:

Thanks for having a look,
Regards Andy :D

wappynutter 07-03-2013 11:11 PM

30 Attachment(s)
Been busy with a new build but as promised we'll finish this little build before posting the next... :D
Attachment 10341 you can just make out the zip-tie detail around the top of the lower decks here..
Attachment 10342Attachment 10344Attachment 10345... These show the before and after nose detailing....
Attachment 10343... and a rear/underside detail shot. :-/

..Now for some paint.. :brows:

Firstly I blew a 1 shop grey primer everywhere...
Attachment 10346Attachment 10347Attachment 10348Attachment 10349Attachment 10350Attachment 10351
.....then using my artist quality tubed acrylics proceeded to hand-paint the white and green panel detail, including some engine burn red/yellow glow... :thumbup:
Attachment 10352Attachment 10353Attachment 10354Attachment 10355Attachment 10356Attachment 10357Attachment 10358Attachment 10359Attachment 10360Attachment 10361 yeah it looks a little rough and bitty but once I mount it on a base, clean it down and touch it up a bit ......well fingers crossed anyway..:-/ :D
So I scoured the net looking for a suitable landing pad/ Coruscant cityscape to mount my "In Flight" Transport in...
Attachment 10362..the image I found via google and doctored with scissors and glue attaching it to an L shaped lump of 12mm and 6mm OSB measuring 3"x6" and 5"x6"...
Attachment 10363Attachment 10364Attachment 10365Attachment 10366Attachment 10367Attachment 10368Attachment 10369
...and using a little brass rod and an angled drill-hole there she is all finished and mounted....its rough I know but its mine and I like it.. :yes: :think: :D

Oh just as a mention I have sat and totted up how much I spend per little build and I think I worked it to about 2.50 per build,
using odds and sods of plastic plus brought styrene from other jobs, also spare paints and cheap CA glues ( 3 for 1 )....
I feel the price is reflected in the build quality..:lol: or is that the build quality is reflected in the price?? :brows: :-/

Anyway that's that and if your still none the wiser as to how, why or when this ship was seen or used I found one last image on the net depicting these great big "Whales" in the sky...
Attachment 10370.....:lol: ....this is I believe concept art depicting an in game look at the transport so is not screen accurate, I left the relevant names etc.. on the picture for copyrights sake.:thumbup:

Thanks for having a look, next build is a 70's morning TV classic ( for me anyways!!)
Regards as always.. Andy ;)

SteveDix 08-03-2013 01:09 PM

At that size, I'd say it's far from rough - it's a little masterpiece. You really should try building something in a bigger scale.

wappynutter 14-03-2013 08:27 PM

:))): Steve for your kind words and yeah......:think:
I know I really should give a larger scale a go, but mentally I think i'm stuck at this dinky/corgi type building style..:-/
I start with the intention of having a go at a larger build but always end up at 3"-5" maximum build length...:wtf:
My next build is 5" x 2" wide, I will be starting a thread soon listing my plans and trials from start to finished build..
with a base and all....( its a 60's-70's kids classic !! :brows:)
Thanks again for your interest and encouraging comments...any more progress on your SHADO moon mobile??
Look forward to seeing the finished build..:thumbup:

Regards Andy :D

SteveDix 14-03-2013 10:38 PM


Originally Posted by wappynutter (Post 359477)
progress on your SHADO moon mobile??
Look forward to seeing the finished build..:thumbup:

Regards Andy :D

Just little things at the moment. I'm truing up the windows, as they went slightly wonky, and that's basically filling, sanding, filling etc. Unfortunately I'm busy enough trying to just make a living at the moment. Germany doesn't seem to want website content management systems from me, but they do seem to like it when I video stuff for them.

wappynutter 18-03-2013 10:41 PM

Good luck with truing the windows up, Filling and sanding.... :no: :cry: ..will keep my eye open for your next update..:thumbup: for Germany not wanting your content management :hmm:..
... hope it gets better for you my friend. :yes:

Regards Andy :)

thundergod 18-03-2013 11:01 PM

Your work on this ship has helped inspire me to build my first ship in a couple of years . I've narrowed it down to one of these .
( As the 1st and 3rd are not exactly Star Wars "canon" , I'd use the pics as a starting point , rather than build it exactly ).

wappynutter 18-03-2013 11:59 PM

6 Attachment(s)
WOW... Thunder those craft are excellent choices my friend, the first one is amazing....I am glad my efforts have helped you in some way.. :yes: :thumbup:
...and i'm sure your builds will put my attempts to shame. :oops:
Now if I was to get better at this scratch building lark and feel really brave and adventurous my choices for a follow up star wars build would be...
Attachment 10437Attachment 10438Attachment 10439
The Jedi Training Cruiser "Crucible" from Star Wars the Clone Wars Series 5..

Attachment 10440Attachment 10441Attachment 10442
A Pelta Class Cruiser seen often during the entire 5 series of Clone Wars.

.....But we all know these are nothing more than a build dream for a novice like me... maybe 20 years or so down the line eh??.... :lol: :D

Good luck with all you do Thunder.

Regards Andy :thumbup:

wappynutter 19-03-2013 01:03 AM

2 Attachment(s)
..oh yeah don't forget the build pictures Thundergod :pics:..:D

I know why I liked that first ship, it kinda reminded me of this cool craft....
Attachment 10453

Cad Bane's ship the "Slight of Hand" from the Clone Wars Series and the computer game Republic Heroes..
Oh and here is another shot of your second choice the republic light cruiser..
Attachment 10454
# note all images are borrowed from the web and I own no rights to them and will remove if needed#
Thanks again for following my builds.. :D

regards Andy

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