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Captain Sci-Fi 02-06-2013 07:07 PM

Cap'n on deck 2nd June 2013
Hi to all my model making colleagues..!

I have spent the last couple of weeks finding things that were lost during my absence and trying to catch up with email and PM's. Congratulations to Chris Potter from Norfolk and his wife on the birth of a son, Craig, both are having a stay in hospital and we wish them the best.

I am coming to the end of the UFO project with the final parts for the motorised version about to be produced prior to shipping to customers who have stuck with me through my recent illness. I won't forget it and thank you.

I have just uploaded over 100 extreme close up images of the large UFO Interceptor that I had the chance to photograph when it spent some time in my studio. I basically photo mapped the complete model so it should prove useful to those under taking a build and provide decal details and demystify some of the curves and other details... :D

I have started to look at some of my "held" projects as I want to run these to completion and in many conversations with another good friend Andy Hopkinson we have chatted about a portfolio of images of the Tripod model which has been on my build list since the series aired in the 1980's.

Lastly I wanted to wish my friend and business partner Chris Dye all the best with his new job in Paris, France. He was home for just two weeks after he was made redundant from his post in Germany before being offered a promotion to a senior position managing customer and community relations for a software house that produces online games for companies like Facebook.

See you in the forum. :D


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