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Eureka 18-09-2016 01:42 PM

Hello from Lancashire England
Hello my name is Paul, I live in the north west of England.

I am old enough to have watched Space 1999 on tv when I was a child.
A couple of my favourite toys when I was young were the Space 1999 eagles which I recently found when doing some clearing out in the loft.
They are quite play worn but I have already started to collect the various parts needed to restore them back to their glory days (maybe a little better).

I have been into radio control models since my younger days and went through a phase of racing at national level.
I had to give up the serious racing when the children came along and my radio control modelling interest moved toward 1/14 scale trucks and trailers.

I have recently taken up plastic kit building as the last time I built a plastic kit (apart from the rc truck bodies) was when I was a teenager. My current kit modelling interest is spaceships, with a few smaller star wars kits to get my hand back in with a few larger star trek enterprise & voyager that I plan to modify and illuminate.

When looking I came across the 22 inch eagle kit & knew that was the one I must build at some point.
Talking to my wife a few weeks back about xmas presents (she has just had major surgery so wanted to get it all sorted as its expected her recovery will take a unknown amount of time) & I mentioned the 22 inch eagle kit.

I have now got one sat in the loft which I am not allowed to touch till xmas but she also got me one of the 12 inch eagle kits by mpc to be going on with.

Crimson Binome 27-09-2016 07:57 AM

Welcome - Happy Eagle building

Slate Mcleod 27-09-2016 09:47 AM

Best of luck with your Eagles, you will probably find the 12 ich a lot more work than the 22 though, if you plan on making it anywhere near accurate.

Eureka 27-09-2016 04:34 PM

Thanks, I haven't done a lot of modelling apart from the rc trucks for a number of years so can see the first few models will probably show that.
Ive never owned a airbrush up till now as I have always managed to get by with spray cans so using the air brush is going to be a new experience altogether.

Planet3 03-10-2016 09:11 PM

Welcome Paul from another Paul in Staffordshire. Look forward to seeing some of your builds on on this site. I'm a bit older than you and discovered the Anderson universe with Supercar but nothing beats the Eagle and moon base alpha. Happy memories from the 70's!

moonhugger 13-10-2016 02:36 PM

Hi Paul; I am in Warwickshire. Have a 22"; I have put mine in the loft as well, so not to distract from my 44" scratch build.

Good Luck

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