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Has anyone got any descent refference they can post regarding the Orion? I'm currently finishing off the Stargazer kit and have a few questions.
Was the Orion model ever lit as I cannot see anything such as navigation tail lights or nose/cockpit lights in the film. I am thinking of doing it with some internal lighting but I'm not sure it would add much to the model as regards making it more film accurate.
When painting it has anybody used the gloss,semi gloss or matt white and which worked the best in their opinion? By nature I would preffer to use the matt finish but I am curious as to what the original film model used.
I have to say its a lovely kit to build.Very, very clean cast, I hardly found a bubble or cast fault at all and the detail was crisp and excellent, better than a plastic one .It required little clean up and fitted altogether beautifully, which was surprising as the main hull comes in four parts(not counting the nose).But you could hardly slip the edge of a thin piece of paper between the joints even when testing fitting it !! So far its been a joy to put it together. The Airfix Orion was one of the first every space kits I ever built and coming back to her now is strangely satisfying, though it feels rather odd actually after nearly forty years .
Any help to get her 100% accurate would be appreciated.

PS The hull and wings are not yet glued together but the fitting was so neat it almost doesn't need it.Its that good a kit!

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