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Info Updated Forum Rules and FAQ *Please Read*

Welcome to

To ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience on these forums, please take the time to read the Forum rules, guidelines and FAQ below.

We will update the FAQ section regularly, so please check back here if you have any issues / questions at a later date.

These Guidelines apply across the board without exception.

Breaking any of the rules of the board (set out here and elsewhere) may result in either a temporary or permanent ban.

1 Posting
1.1 General Posting Guidelines
1.2 Irrelevant / off topic posts
1.3 Message content - Legal Disclaimer

2 Conduct
2.1 General conduct
2.2 Self policing
2.3 Sales
2.4 Buying

3 Accounts
3.1 Account problems
3.2 Multiple account policy
3.3 Changing forum user ID policy

4 Communications
4.1 Private communications (PM's)
4.2 PM's and emails settings
4.3 Admins / Moderator policy
4.4 Current Admins / Moderators

5.1 Recasting / copying
5.2 Forum Ranks
5.3 Signatures - AMC only
5.4 VB/BB code
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