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Default FAQ

5.1 Recasting / Copying
Deliberate recasting of another member’s creation(s) without permission is something we do not support as a community. Any member found selling/trading items recast from another member without permission may be exiled without notice. This also applies to ripping off people from other communities.

If someone is ripping you off by recasting or copying your work, please refrain from discussing it openly on the forum - do not make accusations. Please discuss the issue with the alledged party by private means (PM/email/letter). As has been demonstrated time and time again, it causes too much ill-feeling if discussed in the open and it drags threads off-topic. The vast majority of the membership aren't interested in accusations and counter-accusations; just facts. Take it to court, obtain a conviction, then tell us all about it.

At the very least, prove it in an easy to read and understand format - and send it to us privately for consideration. Otherwise - unless it's blatantly obvious - we can't do anything.

General Recasting (of kit parts etc)

This topic has been done to death. This is a forum is frequented by private, small-time enthusiasts who engage in a global hobby renowned for - and largely based on - recasting of kit parts. We do not condone it; it is in most cases technically illegal - but it happens. It is how this hobby perpetuates. We know it, you know it and, believe it or not - so do the kit manufacturers.

If you have a personal issue with recasting of kit parts, please feel free to exit via the airlock and join any of the countless dozens of other prop replica/scale modelling forums across the globe. There, you will find exactly the same thing happening... tenfold.
5.2 Forum ranks
Key Personnel:

Commander - (Administrator)

Deputy Commander - (Moderator)

Special Status:

Chief Eagle Pilot - (Owns one or more original studio Eagles)

Alpha Personnel:

Rank and number of posts required:

Alphan - 0

Waste Technician - 10

Chef - 20

Hydroponics Technician - 30

Travel Tube Technician - 50

Life Support Technician - 75

Geological Technician - 100

Weapons Engineer - 125

Medical Technician - 150

Computer Technician - 200

Astrophysics Technician - 250

Eagle Pilot - 500

Communications Officer - 750

Life Support Officer - 1500

Medical Officer - 2500

Science Officer - 5000

Chief Medical Officer - 7500

Chief Science officer - 10000

? - ?

(? = Ranks will be revealed as they are reached by forum members! )



Other Forum Insignia:

A.M.C. Patch - signifies a member who is donating annually, via subscription.

The letters A. M. C. stand for 'Alpha Moonbase Courier'. Worn by many of Alpha's best pilots; occasionally worn by other key personnel trained for deep space missions that would have originated on the moon. Sometimes worn on regulation uniforms by those primarily involved with deep space missions.

A.M.C. info courtesy:
5.3 Signatures - AMC only
The ability to display Signatures in posts has been disabled for non-AMC members. This is down to two reasons:

• Spammers joining up then posting commercial links.
• A further enhancement to AMC Membership.
5.4 VB/BB Code
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