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  • First question, a little warm up tester. If you could pick any date in the year to launch the new series, what would that date be :-) ?

TODAY! We are very excited about this vision and we can’t wait to share it with our audience! Unfortunately, there is still quite a bit of work to do… so it will be a while before we release… (I know you may have been looking for a different answer!)

  • Were / are you a fan of Space 1999, if so What is your favorite Season and episode (and why?)

I am indeed a fan of Space: 1999. Always have been. I always enjoyed its aspiration to reach out toward bigger questions, bigger ideas… essentially challenging the human ego and its self-importance. In regard to what my favorite episode is, well there are just too many. I like different episodes for different reasons. Guardian of Piri was interesting because here you have something that actually completely satisfies a human being’s desire to be happy and fulfilled and the result is that when that perfection is achieved all human motivation to do anything at all is simply gone. Is that what “heaven” is like? Hmm.. The undertone that the human condition needs adversity and dissatisfaction to create motivation was an interesting comment. That whole episode revolved around a matter of perspective.

Or in War Games, the undertone being presented that our own insecure human fears are what ultimately manifest and attack us and dictate our behavior… All good stuff!

  • Are you going to use / keep the original spirit/atmosphere/eagle´s/Alpha of Space 1999 (Season 1 with a twist from Season 2) ?

Certainly the goal is to keep the original spirit! What we find interesting within the fan base is the varying opinion of what the original spirit actually was in Space: 1999. We suppose that it has different meanings for different people and that ultimately is where the variance comes from. It also means that it will likely be impossible to satisfy everyone with our vision. For us, the original spirit of Space: 1999 revolved around the 3 central axioms that we mention in our FAQ on

1. The true sense of fear, awe and discovery when dealing with the unknown – particularly the final frontier that is the wide-open universe.

2. The human experience existing at extreme disadvantage being a driving force in the cooperation of disparate interests and agendas for the purposes of survival. To realize that all we have is each other.

3. The very real near-future plausibility of the technology depicted; its practical design, use and impact on how people interact with each other and accomplish tasks.

Ultimately, we feel that the original spirit of Space: 1999 was about asking big questions about the human condition and its place in the universe, and sometimes getting unpleasant answers or no answers at all. We hope to capture that essence in our new vision.

  • are you going to use / keep the original opening and music from Space 1999 ? if not, Do you have anyone in mind for scoring the series, Barry Gray's music is going to be hard to top, it needs to be grand and create a sense of awe. How might it compare to the treatment of the BSG score and the fact that they did, on occasion, for example air the Colonial Anthem from the original series.

We are not currently answering specific details about the content like this. However, we can tell you that we believe that music plays an important role in any cinematic story and we are keen to make the right choices in this area. We completely agree that the music should support what is being depicted, be it on a grand scale, or a small painstakingly personal event, and our focus is on having music that enhances the visual story as well as telling its own.

  • Have you considered any way of tying in the original series, for example maybe get some of the original actors, say Zenia Merton and Nick Tate, come to Earth out of the blue in an Eagle, via timewarp, captured by todays Military forces etc and interrogated. Have them tell the story, about what happened in 1999. How they got there etc. I'm sure you can at least do that. They (homeland security?) will believe it because they have an actual eagle.

Again, we are not talking about specific story content as of yet. What fans should keep in mind however is that Space: 2099 is not a “re-make” or a “continuation” of Space: 1999, it is a RE-IMAGINING. We hope to bring something new and relevant for all audiences, both old and new fans!

  • What will the three core writer's guidelines be?

I’m not sure I understand the question. Who said that there would be 3 core writers guidelines? What if there are ten? Or twenty? Where did this come from? I can tell you that there is at least one guideline for sure, which is “It must be good!” J

  • Despite a lot of today’s scifi utilizing CGI, the film ‘Moon’ showed that there is still a place for physical models in today’s TV and film industry, which approach do you plan with Space 2099?

All current movies use a combination of CGI and model props for various things and Space: 2099 will be no different. All of the weapons that Wikus Van der Merwe held in the movie District 9 were model props and all the space craft were CGI – so it just depends on what the story calls for along with how much budget you have to work with to accomplish the intended effect. There is no absolute rule. We will do what makes sense to tell our story.

  • Why Space 1999, what made you choose this franchise for a remake / re-imagining, and what made you choose a tv series over a feature film?

Well, as I said in my interview with, I wish I could say something epic and profound like “I didn’t choose this project, this project chose me…” but that wouldn’t be honest or informative. The truth is that there was a day where I was deeply contemplating Space: 1999 – appreciating its depictions of larger and more thoughtful concepts than what television shows normally reach for, and it hit me like a thunderbolt that there was a fantastic opportunity to re-imagine and present this franchise in an incredibly new, relevant and compelling way. I reached out to ITV to explain my vision and it was clear that they were very intrigued.

In regard to why we chose TV or feature film or otherwise, you are mistaken – we have not specified what platform we intend to release it on yet. People seem to have assumed network television as the logical location. Please don’t interpret our answer to this question as any indication of any specific distribution direction one way or the other. I am only saying that we have not announced anything yet in this area.

  • What did you learn from the re imagining of V that you can bring to the Space 2099 project? How much creative control do you have for the direction of the series?

Well, I covered the “V” answer in the interview we did over at ( ) so we won’t rehash it again here, but we can tell you that we have all the creative control we need in partnership with ITV to effectively bring our new vision to audiences in exactly the way we hope to. This creative control has extended to our ability to engage fans early in the process and make them part of the overall effort to bring a great work of science fiction into reality.

We are making this outreach effort in the hope to learn from and engage everyone we can, right from the start.

  • At what Stage is the project? Is all funding already secured? If not have you put any thought into the crowd source funding methods such as Kickstarter?

We are not concerned about funding at this time, right now our focus is on continuing to develop our vision and team. This project has been in development for quite some time, so as you can imagine, a lot of thought and work has gone into it already. HDFILMS and ITV are working closely together to bring this into reality.

  • Would the first season be 26 episodes or 13 episodes? Would the stories be inspired by the first season or second or ( even? ) a hybrid of both seasons consisting of thoughtful episodes alongside more action oriented episodes? What are their plans for sales of the series through distribution/syndication?

We cannot answer these questions at this time! Wish I could!! Trust us it is not easy being so quiet about all of this – but the truth is that our focus is going to remain on creating and executing for the time being and we have no plans on being distracted by these other elements until the appropriate time.

Will it be 'Dallas' in space? or will it ask intelligent questions about mans existence/role in the cosmos?

It will not be ‘Dallas’ in space.

  • Why not keep the original Eagle design ?

We cannot answer any content related questions at this time. We will say that this question is assumptive, but please don’t read anything into our answer one way or the other.

  • Talking of the Eagle, The Press Release images do to some people look quite similar to a prototype concept model designed by our very own HOWARD called the Kestrel, care to comment?

There is no relation. We can’t comment further than that.

  • Is it possible to see the moon base sketch or schematic ?

Again, this question is assumptive and content related so we cannot answer at this time!

  • Is there any plan for involvement by Gerry Anderson, either day to day or just in a consultancy role? Have you heard anything from him about his views on the Space 2099 announcement?

We can’t speak for Gerry Anderson! You have to ask him about his future plans or thoughts!

  • Finally, any chance of an exclusive bit of 2099 info and / or images for the ETF community?

Nothing exclusive to give out just yet! We can say that we appreciate the ETF community and their history of contribution to Space: 1999 fandom. We hope our work with Space: 2099 is successful and not only establishes Space: 2099 as a major franchise, but also re-invigorates all Space: 1999 related efforts like the ETF community! Everyon at HDFILMS and ITV appreciates the ETF community’s time, attention and support!
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