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Default Mike Reader passes the torch....

Hi Guys,

I have a great announcement.

Mike Reader the skilled engineer who has serviced the scratch building community with aluminium turned parts is in the UK will be meeting with me tomorrow (Sunday 11th July). We have agreed a transfer of tools and drawings to keep his products available to builders. Mike decided to stop manufacturer earlier this year during a period of recuperation where he had time to reflect on his situation. Mike has been an engineer for 33 years making military spec parts for aircraft and submarines and currently works repairing every type of farm machinery you can think of. He has been producing engine bells and other parts for the last 12 years and now considers himself in semi-retirement.

Mike and I have been discussing this situation for the last several months, he loves what we do on this forum and is delighted that we are taking up the baton from him. In return I am honoured he is giving me the chance to continue his work and I am sure he won't be a stranger here.
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