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Info Posting Images and Image Posting Guidelines

Images and Image Posting Guidelines

Signature File Guidelines

Please refrain from using what has become known as the "Monster Sig" - a signature file that contains the users life story, an itemised list of their house contents, PC spec, all the forums they belong to and the best tips for the 3:30 at Haydock on Saturday.

Links to commercial sites are permitted only if in keeping with the general board theme (sci-fi). Admins will delete sigs and/or ban users if this is contravened. If in doubt, please ask via PM.

Avatar, Sig Pic and 'in-line image' Guidelines

Inappropriate avatars and sig pics will be deleted and may also result in the offenders being suspended or banned. Please keep all images of a decent nature. A lot of people check these boards from work - so no pr0n, ta very much! (You can send that to me via Private Message if you like. )

Avatars must be of the following maximum dimensions:
Width - 120 pixels max.
Height - 120 pixels max.
File Size - 65kb max.

Please also display any signature image(s) at a reasonable size:

Maximum size 480 pixels wide x 140 high - 150kb Max. We can be flexible on size IF the file size is small. Please keep in mind that a large picture or file can disrupt the flow of a thread and irritate people (especially dial-up users!).

Any images posted 'in-line' on the boards should ideally be no greater than 800 pixels wide

...unless larger is absolutely essential (blueprints etc). This is to ensure that dial-up users aren't slowed down unnecessarily by their slow connection - but also to ensure the format of the board isn't distorted. Images contravening this request may be deleted or changed to an ordinary link as appropriate (at the Admin or Moderator's discretion).

Need technical help with posting and formatting? BB Code FAQ is here

Copyright and Intellectual Property

You are requested not to post copyrighted material (be it text or image-based) that you do not own yourself. It is recommended you obtain permission from the copyright owner before posting content. At the very least, if you must quote content and/or link to images, please provide full credit and a link back to the original article.

It is common practise to summarise an article and then link to the full body.


Resizing Images:

If you're using Windows XP, this plugin is quite handy for quickly resizing those forum-bound images. No need for an image editor!

Image Resizer

This PowerToy enables you to resize one or many image files with a right-click.

Please read the info in the first link before downloading/installing.


Image hosting

A few of you might not have webspace from which to hotlink to your images.

Maybe try ? Free for basic services and its fast and reliable.

Posting images is a cinch!

Please remember to read the guidelines on image width above before you post here though!
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