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Default Cap'n returns to duty

Hi Guys,

After a prolonged rest to recuperate my eyesight I am pleased to report I am getting back to work. For those that don't know I had been diagnosed with diabetes recently after being unwell with failing eyesight. Diabetes can have far reaching and profound side effects but the worse is a change to the liquid of the eye, basically it is thickened by elevated blood sugar levels changing the optical characteristics and throwing out the eye's ability to focus correctly. How do i know this? It happened to me making it impossible to do any meaningful work, watch TV or even use my computer for any length of time. Coupled with fatigue from excessive blood sugar levels was a debilitating experience that I hope none of you are forced to live through.

I have spent time trying to catch up with my emails (thousands of them..!) reading all the forum posts and replying to PM's as fast as I can. Please forgive me if I haven't written to you yet, I will as time allows.

So many new members have joined the forum that I will send out a broadcast "Welcome" and hope you are all enjoying the many threads both old and new stuffed full of interesting builds. I will be adding more work myself as I restart stalled projects, the 44" Eagle Leg Pod kits, 2001: Space Station V and revisited/rebooted design for the UltraProbe I had been playing with. Some of you will have seen the metal engine bells we now stock in the forum store with more parts being added soon like the RU / PE 22/23" Eagle Mains, VTOLS and other parts as well as the 44" Eagle1 & 2 Main boosters.

Wonderfest has just staged this weekend and I have seen excellent build images with Lee Malone from Rogue Studios showing his new 44" Eagle Kit, check out the Rogue Studios Facebook pages for more information.

I really must try to make one of the events and gaze at all the amazing exhibits personally.

I am very happy to be back.

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