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Default Fan from Germany

Hi Folks,

my Name is Joerg and iam a space 1999 fan since my youth.
saw the series in german tv and felt in love with the eagle spacecraft.
in these days i built the airfix eagle with my strange model building experience .
this model was lost years ago.
in the meantime I enhance my skills in various disciplines.
Latest iam active in building radio controlled snowgroomers .
For those who are interested - this is my homepage
(sorry only in german).

about five, six years ago i found a Product Enterprise eagle 1/72 diecast at a fair in germany for a small value; my first eagle since years.
Now the prices explodes :-(

last week i ordered the release deluxe kit of mpc - airfix....
I hope i will find the time to build....

If i could ask here the professionals of the scene, Im interested in an overview about kits or diecast eagle, hangar or launchpad items.

i read a long time in this forum, but what is the best way for eagles in 12" 22" or perhaps 44" eagles and stuff around - low budget and not for the price of a compact car :-).
especially the mail order to germany brings me sorrow.

Would be great to get some tips

Thanks a lot


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