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Default Hello from Maine!

Hi everyone!
I stumbled across this site last night, whilst looking for pictures to use as a guide for the MPC Eagle (12") I am currently working on.
It's great to be here... I try to talk model kits to my wife, and she gets this glazed look on her face.
I've been building models since I was around 5 or 6 years old, and I prefer figure kits over vehicles, well, except for movie and television vehicles!
I'm a taxi driver/owner here in my home town, and when I mention I am currently building a Space:1999 Eagle kit, I get that glazed look on my regular customer's faces... I am shocked that so many people in my hometown have never even heard of the show! It was easily my favorite as a kid!
The Eagle, to me, has always been an iconic ship... it always seemed possible for there to be a ship like that... much more so than say, a Death Star!
Anyways, enough rambling, again, happy to be here!
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