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I'm somewhat new to model building, other than the odd kit my parents would buy me at Christmas, that unfortunately never came out right (or more likely seldom were finished). Any way that was 40+ years ago. What I do have is a deep love of Gerry Anderson and Century 21 productions that go all the way back to Twizzle and Torchy. Thunderbirds however was my Nirvana. To be even more precise TB2 is and will always be at the top of my list.

So whilst browsing a local thrift store I found one of these for 10quid.

It immediately brought back so many memories of watching Thunderbirds as a kid with my dad on Sat afternoons back when it was 1st run. So I had to buy it, thinking that it would suffice as a nice item to add to my office.

That didn't last very long before I started to look at the big red sound buttons and cheap looking stickers.
So I played around a bit starting with the engines/exhausts

On the final pic you can see where I've started to fill other gapping holes etc.

I know that this is not quite in the vein that most of the superb models on this forum follow, in fact it's a very novice attempt to create something a little more realistic from a very poor copy. I will however need a lot of advice (some of which I can use your excellent search facilities for) Some questions however I will need to ask. I hope you will lower your standards to my abysmally poor ones and help me out.

Sorry for the quality of pictures, photography is another skill I lack.

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