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Default Hi from New Zealand.

Hi guys!. Joined here a few weeks ago, best I do an introduction.

I'm that age where I saw Space 1999 as a wee boy on the box in black & white & was my favourite show of all time...along with Thunderbirds.
Usual stuff around me...dinky eagle bought in 77 on a trip to the UK, a board game, annuals & my favorite was the Starlog issue 7 with the eagle blueprints...still have it & cherish to this day!. Built lego eagles, strangely never an MPC/Airfix kit though...hmmm.

So...some may know me as eagle1 on the RPF & building a 5 foot Millennium Falcon.

But this niggle kept bugging me...the eagle...a 44" one to be exact!.
So, it is time to just do it!.
Daniels blueprints arrived today, kits ordered & the principal machinist has been dad haha. My father is the most incredible model engineer & works effortlessly with metal. Lucky me...turned aluminium engine bells etc...coming up!.

I had a PE rescue eagle for a while, sold it to fund my Falcon kits...still regret that move!.

The wealth of info here is staggering & I'm very much appreciative of the effort here from so many folks, thanks to all.

See you all soon,
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