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Default Teru Yamada "Boosterized" Eagle - Speedbuild™

Working late into the night (again) to build the 'Teru Yamada Boosterized Eagle' (Lab Pod) You know me - no patience at all - this'll be finished within 36hrs!

From what I can see/read of the instructions, this rare and elusive kit originally had an option to build either a passenger pod or the lab pod (possibly depending on what kit you bought). I'll try to get a scan of the instructions posted later.

I bought the kit semi-complete and with a few parts missing (the lab pod feet) but I can scratch them in due course. Decals are missing too but I'll print some up later.

Whilst it might look crude from the photo, the resin pits are minimal and is in fact quite a clean casting with a lot of detail for its 6˝" / 16.5cm size. Initial sanding down took less than 30 mins.

As someone pointed out earlier, the VTOLs are air soft pellets whch I've cut down to size. They are in fact a little oversize generally, but it all adds to the charm of this piece I think!

Can you guess what it is yet?...

More as I progress.
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