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Default B-58 kits and scales

Fellow Thunderbird fans
If you want to build almost any of the Thunderbirds auxiliary aircraft (or Captain Scarlet or other Gerry Anderson vehicles) you will probably be looking for an Aurora B-58 for engines. However, other B-58s were used as well.
I have compiled a short list of the various B-58 kits, most of which are available at least on eBay. The list is from smallest to largest.
Addar 1/200 (I haven't seen this but saw a listing on eBay)
Hobbycraft 1/144
Monogram (old) 1/121
Aurora/Comet (old) 1/96
Revell (old) 1/94
Aurora 1/77 (short in span, scaling out to 1/85)
Italeri 1/72 (readily avialable and accurate)
Lindberg 1/64
Revell / Monogram 1/48 (a beauty but BIG)

BTW, I have a spare Aurora B-58 for sale but postage costs from Canada are terrible (about 40 GBP to the UK by surface mail!) so I won't be listing it on eBay. However, if somebody wants it and is coming to Telford in the fall, we can talk. Email me at info(AT)
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