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I love the spacedocks! Here's some info I can offer...

First, the name Centuri came from an article in Starlog about the Hawks, and may also have appeared in the Technical Notebook. (I don't recall if the Tech Book mentioned that name or not.)

Next, the Interplanetary Space Station in "Dragon's Domain" was probably not the Meta Probe Launch Platform (Spacedock) seen in "Breakaway." The "DD" ISS has a launch platform attached to it, whereas the "B" dock does not. (Yes, the platform was added to the model used in "B" when "DD" actually went into production.) Also, the Meta Probe dock is in close lunar orbit, whereas the ISS is located "between the Earth and the Moon" according to Helena Russell's narration and visuals on the screen. I feel that there are at least two spacedocks, but possibly there are more. This also fixes the nitpick about the lunar spacedock in "B" exploding, and then the GTV newscaster saying that a rescue of Alphan personnel couldn't be attempted from the space station because "it, too, was hurled from orbit." My guess is that the "hurled from orbit" station would be the one seen in "DD." (Of course, I know that's a bit of retroactive nit-fixing, since "DD" was made so long after "B," but it works continuity-wise.)

I suppose it (the "DD" ISS) could be at L1, since that's between Earth & Luna, but as tak5haka pointed out & Gun Truck confirmed, such an orbit is unstable. (Of course, that could explain why the station has all those 'thruster clusters' on it: helps for orbital adjustments/station keeping.)

Each of the 'arms' is numbered (those attached to the top hub are 1-4, the bottom hub are 5-8.) The top hub has a large '12' on it, and something that looks like it could be a crest or logo. ( shows the 'logo' mark.) There are also some marks resembling the black triangles on Eagle landing pods; perhaps on the spacedocks, there are RCS thrusters at these locations.

The top hub also has a ring around it, from which protrude four cylindrical things (actually, they are part of the Revell Gemini space capsule model kit). I personally like to think of them as docking areas for work pods that could be used to service the station. (I also think that the exterior model of the Superswift Scout pod looks more like a one-man service pod, rather than the three-man scoutship that appeared in "Bringers of Wonder," but I digress.

The Catacombs has several nice pics of the spacedock model, or at least components of it. (Some of the pics show the 'arms' of the dock attached to the wrong parts of the hubs, but the detail level is better than anything available from screen captures.) is the page for the spacedock.

I'm attempting to build a spacedock replica, though I had better access to the inferior Monogram Saturn V kits rather than the accurate Airfix ones, so my model won't quite be "accurate." That's where my assumption about two or more spacedocks comes in handy; mine doesn't have to precisely replicate the actual studio model.
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