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I consider Centuri to be a class name of that type of spacedock, with individual docks refering to their locations in the solar system: Lunar Spacedock, L-1 Spacedock, and so forth. (No, that's not canon, but I hope others agree with my line of reasoning.)

I guess I should have mentioned something about what I think is a logo in the pic I linked to above... it's the black square-ish mark that appears on the upper hub just before the cylindrical part becomes a cone. (In the case of the photo, the model is tipped on its side, so I should say left hub, rather than upper, for clarification.) Anyway, the mark looks like a black capital L with a black square in the 'open' part of the L, and in that square is a light coloured mark that looks like a numeral one. L-1, see? Other docks located at libration points could have the mark modified to read L-2, L-3 and so on, with the numeral inside the square changing as needed.

As for the big 12 on the hub (not visible in that particular pic, but quite clear in a few of the pics at the Catacombs page I linked to), does that imply that the Lunar Spacedock (er, Meta Probe Launch Platform) was the 12th Centuri-class spacedock? (Of course, that doesn't work for the ISS from "Dragon's Domain," as the 12 was visible on that station, too.)

Sorry if this is more confusing than it needs to be. It ceretainly seems more detailed than anyone involved in Space: 1999's production probably ever intended it to be. (Hey, we all obsess about Eagles, but my side-obsession is the spacedocks. Can you tell? )

Anyway, tak5haka, doon's point about artistic license* would certainly apply to whatever you're planning. As I've told people (not here, but in person) about model building, the key is to have fun. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned.

A final 'by the way' regarding my view of spacedocks... I pointed out that at the end of "Breakaway," the "hurled from orbit" spacedock is different from the Lunar/Meta Probe one that blows up. So, where'd the "hurled" one go? I once pondered an idea for a "spin-off" series (Space: 1999--Centuri) that would present the spacedock's voyage: maybe it got caught in the moon's 'draft' or 'wake' and was being tugged along through the cosmos, some distance behind the moon, never able to catch up with (nor contact) Alpha. A couple of Eagles docked there (which weren't thrown off during the Breakaway) would allow its crew to survey planets, and eventually to try to evac down to a habitable one (in relays, since the Eagles have limited passenger capability). I didn't go much further than that with the idea, though, because it seemed like too much of a stretch, even for Space: 1999. Oh, well. Maybe someday, I'll draw it out as a comic.

*I wonder what the fee is to have my artistic license renewed... can I just mail it in, or do I have to take a 'road test'?
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