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tak5haka said: "What I was trying to come up with, with regard to the spacedock(s), was a ship badge similar to those dressing the Eagle, but which show that a particular ship is affiliated with the spacedock rather than Alpha. So it is going to be the same shape, but with different text and I was planning on a different symbol (probably reflecting it's L-point position). Does that make sense?"

Ah, I get it; yes, that makes perfect sense.
Many years ago, I designed a Centuri Spacedock crest that was basically the Alpha crest... I replaced 'Alpha' with 'Centuri' and 'Moonbase' with 'Spacedock,' and made a stylized representation of the spacedock between two dots (Earth & Moon). The pic of the dock looked rather strange, like a silhouette of a playing jack with extra prongs, and I ultimately didn't feel that the design was very original. (Duh, it wasn't! But I was trying to establish a standard shared by all space vehicles and locations in the pre-Breakaway Earth.)
Anyway, I like the idea of ship affiliation with a particular location. I've often thought that Commissioner Simmonds' VIP Eagle (or at least the orange VIP passenger pod) bore the World Space Commission crest rather than that of Alpha Moonbase.
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