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Originally Posted by Slate Mcleod View Post
Think I met Hilton Fitsimmons once at a Dr Who con. I like his work and he did a great TB1 hanger once. We have a mutual friend Ray Phillips who also makes some great replica stuff.
Is he on these boards btw???
He certainly is - AKA Century21Slough !

Originally Posted by Chris King View Post
At the last Fanderson con display room there were a couple of really cool kit based rebuilds, Pauls Swift Truck and Hilton`s Sports car (Man from MI5)
These weren't actually kits - they were large scale toys. But as you say, great work on both.

The police cars in those screengrabs from Thirty Minutes After Noon were probably Monogram Ford Thunderbirds, plus also what looks like an AMT Ford Galaxie.

Will post some more info on the 1/24th auto kits used in T-birds plus pics of some builds.
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