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Default Thunderbird 2.2, now on final approach!

Hi everyone,

new to the forum, I'm a massive fan of Thunderbirds, Star Trek, Bond, and numerous other Sci Fi series and films. The best ones are those that still use traditional models, both classics and those that keep them alongside the CGI.

My father is a big railway modeller, and I caught the modelling bug from an early age. Though my skills don't match his. He is a primarily a scratchbuilder. I tend to make kits then try to "twist and shake" them a little with add ons or paint jobs!

Originally from north east Scotland, I have lived in Bristol for almost 15 years, and I am looking to explore the local Sci Fi scene more.

You can also find me on AJB, ( and Fanderson's forums where I am Thunderbird 2. As the name was taken here, I went for the 50 year refit!

Look forward to chatting with the locals, and learning how to stretch my modeling skills.

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