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Originally Posted by Steve Gerard View Post
Agree, it is interesting, so far they aired three episodes:

Science-Fiction(Martin Landau discussing his work on the original Twilight Zone and turning down the 'Spock' role on Star Trek.)


Crime Drama(Barbara Bain and Martin Landau extensively discussing Mission:Impossible. Martin discussing Columbo. )
Thanks for sharing this, Steve. Actually, Martin made two brief appearances in the "Westerns" segment as well, talking about his stunt work in the "Wild, Wild West" episode he guest-starred in. He made reference to stunt work being like a well-choreographed dance, stressing that if one thing goes wrong of course, an actor can get badly hurt. (Those of us who are particular fans of Martin know the injuries he sustained in 1970 during the filming of the Italian film Rosolino Paterṇ, Soldato, where his safety cable snapped and he fell two and a half stories straight down.) He explained that doing his fight scene in the "Wild, Wild West" episode with Robert Conrad was less risky than doing it with most because Conrad was a proven and accomplished stunt man and always did his own stunt work.

During Martin's second appearance on this, he talked about his character, Emiliano, in the "Bonanza episode" entitled, "The Gift". For Martin's fans who've enjoyed this particularly moving episode, the manner of Emiliano's death, the way Martin portrayed it, reflected the fact that his character wasn't ready to die, pulling forward in death rather than falling back.

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