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Default Visit to see Fosters car

On Saturday 27th August I ventured forth into the wilds of deepest Suffolk to visit Fosters Car. Before I go any further I'd like to thank to current owner of this vehicle for the warm welcome and hospitality he and his wife kindly showed me during my visit. I really had a great time and I feel I've made some new friends here.

Here is a brief synopsis of the current situation. The car kept under a cover to keep it free form any further deterioration. As I understand it the previous owner had taken the side windows out for some reason and water had been allowed to enter the vehicle causing a lot of damage. The floor pan needs to be replaced as it has rotted right through but I'm pleased to say that the current owner has sourced a new one so it should be possible to replace it in due course.

Here is the vehicle as it stands today:

As you can see it has no engine as this had apparently been removed when the current owner bought it. The front of the car had a fairly thick layer of filler skimmed over it and most of this has been removed. I think this must have been done prior to its appearance on UFO because there are two distinct layers of filler, the first being the thickest and topped off with the original lavender (for want of a better description) paint and the a thinner layer on top of that that has been painted red. It should be possible to make it out from the next photo:

In profile the car is still very striking. When you first see it the impression is that its bigger than you thought it would be and lower too:

Shot of the interior with the distinctive steering wheel still in place:

Looking in through the missing widow:

Number plate with an aperture cut in it...was it for a camera of some sort?

Previous owner had branded the car as a 'Ford UFO':

Rear of the car with the louvers removed (current owner has them tucked away):

This was an attempt to show the subtle panel work. Not sure it worked out to well:

And finally another oblique view of the car from the front near side:

As you can see there is an enormous amount of work to be done for this car to be restored to its former glory, to say nothing of the costs involved. Nevertheless I hope to have a ride in it one day when the current owner finds the resources to do the job. He has already restored several military vehicles so I have every hope that Fosters car will be back on the road one day.
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