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Default Medium Sized Lego Eagles

This was to expect: after working on many model projects simultaneously, some of them got finished more or less together.

This is how I see medium sized Lego Eagles. It took a lot of time to figure it all out and of course some compromises had to be made due to the size.

The original idea was to make a Lego Eagle for my six year old son. But, you certainly know how easily the Eagle bug grabs you...

Lego Standard Pod Eagle

Lego Rescue Pod Eagle

Lego VIP Pod Eagle

Lego Lab Pod Eagle

After finishing my first Lego Eagle, I suddenly wanted to have a way to display it. Here comes a small Lego Eagle Launch Pad.

Lego Pallette Pod Eagle on Launch Pad

Lego Winch Pod Eagle on Launch Pad

Lego Eagle with all pods

Like almost every boy, my son likes all police things. So I created, inspired by the blue Hawk by tak5haka, a Police Eagle - maybe some flashing lights will be added later.

Lego Police Pod Eagle close-up

Lego Police Pod Eagle 3Q.

Lego Police Pod Eagle top

Finding all the required bricks took a lot of time, and I usually found them at Actually I would not want to calculate how much the parts costet for building my 3 Lego Eagles and the launch pad, but it certainly is as expensive as 3 PE Eagles. The art for the decals also took some time. They were eventually printed on a self adhesive transparent foil from "Data Becker".

The Eagle for my son also has all the pods and I am drawing plans and I am making a realistic looking Lego box. He will just get the box with all the parts and so he can build his Lego Eagle "without" my help.

Hope you all like it.


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