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Originally Posted by Tony42 View Post
Id you can find really good nick Batmobiles for that price buy them, buy them all, because people will pay big money for the good ones. I don't do up wrecks because I'm a collector, I do them up because I like restoring them. They usually don't need too many parts and there's a great deal of satisfaction in making them look as good if not better than when they started. Buying good originals is way out of my price range.
100% with you Tony, BUT... (always, always a but)...
I'm a newbie restoring die-cast, and I've spent the past two weeks ebaying on-line wrecks, because I thought that if I was going to restore the thing, what use would be to pay more for a good looking one?

The problem is that you pay, say, 5 for a complete wreck (no tyres, no figures, no plastic details, no glaze) and maybe 12 / 15 for a slightly better one but with wheels, etc...

If you stay with the 5 one, you'll pay much more than the 10 difference with the better one in replacement parts.
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