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Default Mystery Colonel White

A couple of years ago I bought a scuffed Colonel White figure from a collectors' shop in Akihabara, Japan and I know nothing about it. I intend to paint it properly once fully stripped down.

I'll post a pic later, but he's moulded in vinyl and is about 1/8 scale. He had (since stripped off) a Carlton copyright label on his back, so he's not that old.

His head is moulded in a rather orange flesh colour, his legs and arms in dark grey and his tunic in white. He was quite cheap, but I have only ever seen one other one, and that was on eBay.

Does anyone know if there were other figures like this? Or even who made him?
I know that without the photo it's pretty hard to work it out, but I can't upload from my PhotoBucket account at work. I will upload photos when I get home.

The arms rotated around the shoulder joint, the waist also rotated as did the neck.
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