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I tried to tell ya'.

Get the hacksaw out and give me your address.

I'll need to see progress pictures along the way. We'll all want to see some before and after pictures.......

That sort of thing.....

Seriously though, As I mentioned to you during your build, you can readily see 99% of what AB used to make the master for this version of the HAWK, or at least I can after digging through a few hundred kits I've bought strictly for Space:1999 kitbashing. It's all I build and the kit stash grows a little on a regular basis. If some of y'all would like to try and make one for yourself in this scale, just say the word and we can start a thread on "How to make yourself a small HAWK" type thread. From everything I see, it wouldn't cost anywhere NEAR the price of the original AB, be MUCH lighter, look nicer and use at least 3/4 original kit parts instead of resin.

It's too late for you and me Keith, we've already spent the money, but with all the modifications I've made to mine, I can certainly help you guys make, what I feel anyhow, would be one of the best looking HAWKs out there in this scale.

Just a thought.

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