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I hope this isn't off-topic; just my two cents for the "reality" of the logo/crest things, as though S:99 really happened...
The "flight path" version had been in use for sometime, but was being phased out for a more basic (stylized) version for the coming new millenium; not all Eagles had had the old crest replaced at the time Koenig took command of Alpha.
Why do I bring this up? If anyone wants to do a 'spacecraft evolution' series of models, it might be interesting as background info. (I've thought about doing so myself... start with the Apollo LEM, go to the SHADO Moon Mobile, then the Swift (perhaps without the long-range tanks nor the one giant engine bell) and end up with the Eagle. Of course, I should finish several of the projects I've already started before starting a new one. Oh, and then there's that Pod-U-Like contest to distract me further... Any other model builders have problems like this? )
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