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Originally Posted by cricket View Post
Definitely a Saturday morning favorite of mine, too. I watched a few episodes of a recent television marathon and I have to sheepishly admit, I find some of the storylines still pretty good, but the SFX are really cheesy.
You lucky dog!!

I just watched a bunch of these on Sci-fi channel. Although the effects are out-dated, I still think some of them hold up. What surprised me the most was the stories. I mean, I tuned in to watch with the sole purpose of getting a good laugh at what I used to watch, but after a few episodes, I couldn't stop watching.

This is a lot beter in terms of imagination than most sci-fi today. I mean, this show has alternate realities, time travel, intelligent lizards, ape-people, dinosaurs, ancient ruins, magical crystals....all this from the early 70's!!

This show deserves alot of respect in my opinion.
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