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Originally Posted by VTracy View Post
You lucky dog!!

I just watched a bunch of these on Sci-fi channel. Although the effects are out-dated, I still think some of them hold up. What surprised me the most was the stories. I mean, I tuned in to watch with the sole purpose of getting a good laugh at what I used to watch, but after a few episodes, I couldn't stop watching.

This is a lot beter in terms of imagination than most sci-fi today. I mean, this show has alternate realities, time travel, intelligent lizards, ape-people, dinosaurs, ancient ruins, magical crystals....all this from the early 70's!!

This show deserves alot of respect in my opinion.
What is really cool about these DVDs you get commentary from the stars and give us "the behind the scenes" view of the show.A lot of them live right here in California and occasionally do "Land of the Lost" conventions.

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