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Originally Posted by CR View Post
I've had the dvds for a few years now... this complete series box must be a re-release to tie in with the new film.
Although the sfx are horrendous by today's standards, and indeed some of them were bad back when the show was first run, bear in mind that the show was made for Saturday morning cartoon fare, and as such was miles ahead of anything else in its day, including other Sid & Marty Kroft productions. (One exception in my mind is Hanna-Barbera's Valley of the Dinosaurs, a traditionally-animated program that still holds up well today. Of course, a better title would have been Basin of the Prehistoric Animals, but that doesn't quite have the impact of the title they actually used!)

The stories in seasons 1 & 2 of LotL are quite heady for children, and even for some adults. Many professional sf authors/writers worked on the scripts (DC Fontana, Larry Niven, David Gerrold, and even Walter Koenig, to name a few), and the quality of ideas is quite rich for a "kids' show." Season 3 chucked all that out the window and destroyed the series continuity, so I pretty much ignore almost all of it (and didn't buy any of the dvds, either).

I've been showing my kids the LotL dvds, and they like the show for the most part. My older kids have fun ripping on the sfx, yet when I tell them it's time for bed, they beg to watch just one more episode. My younger kids just think the show is cool and sometimes scary. (They're more scared of the Sleestak than of the dinosaurs.)

I've always thought this show would be ripe for a remake using today's sfx, if they kept the stories intact. And I'm not talking about the 1990's version that was more like a reboot than a remake. Alas, the new film, while having cool sfx, might not appeal to fans of the original show. (Perhaps it's good that they made it a comedy, since many people nowdays might not take the original seriously, but then again, making fun of something that many people have never seen kind of misses the point: the joke will be lost on everyone. Besides, look at how cheesey the original Doctor Who was for decades, yet people loved that show for its quality of stories. I don't see comedy spoofs being made of that show... references, yes, but not outright spoofs. Just sayin'.)
I agree. Though it seems that Sid and Marty Krofft on some of their series were smoking too much ganja.

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