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What an end to a full fun packed day out, really crammed it in today starting with a tour of the major sights for my daughter, London eye,Parliament/Big Ben, Traf Square (closed of for an event?) The Mall, Buck House, Harrods, science Museum and to top it off the show, and what a show, Sorry Paul was on the tube when you called but got your message ,
Given what today cost me I've gotta say the show was the only thing that 'was' value for money (4.00 for a plain, half cold, excuse of a chicken burger outside the venue, won't make that mistake again)

Sorry no spoilers here either, my daughter and I were down in the stalls and what little may of been lost in terms of overall view were more than made up for by the close up presence of the characters and the audience reaction to two certain Doctors as they 'appeared 'was astounding, and in true Who tradition the best was saved for last.

Going back to an earlier note on VFM, do not be tempted to splash out the 20.00 asking price (plus 1.00 should you dare use any form of card) on the Museum of Film based in the City Hall next to the London eye, if you get it as part of a package deal all well and good but don't go for the sake of itself, the displays are extremely aged 'botched' together, the 'take as many pictures as you like is happered badly by the lighting that confuses the hell out of most modern camera sensors
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