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Hello gents; first post here. I was attracted by the photos of this new PE 23" Eagle, which I've had on order for months. Oh-oh, it seems there's a general air of disappointment about this "collector's item". Not having much time to model these days, I'm much attracted to these things, as they're display-ready. Theoretically.

Seems many forum members here are echoing my own thoughts, though. For what I'm forking out, this doesn't seem to be what was promised - and now the light-up interior is also gone. Granted, if I was to commission someone to make me a replica studio miniature, it'd cost a lot more than this - but then, it might be a hell of a lot more accurate, too.

Decision time. I'm seriously considering cutting my losses (forty quid downpayment) and cancelling my order on inspection of these photos...
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