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I was only 2 years old when Space: 1999 originally aired...

with that said I must say that I also have a strange sense of memory because I DO remember MANY things from the 70s when I was that young...*My memory of specific Police Woman eps are a good example of this*...

So before I even got the dvds I remembered certain things about the show like all of the uniforms with ther color-coded sleeves...and I knew they had color collars...but it wasn't until I saw the dvds that I realized that it was only in y2 that the collars were color coded...and also the skirts...I remembered the skirts but never realized they were only in y2...I remembered the Eagles and the transport tube that went sideways...and I remembered what main mission looked like...and of course the theme music *both versions*...

Now when I got the dvds a few years back...after not having seen Space: 1999 in like almost 30 years...the first ep that rang a bell with in I remembered seeing it as a child was the Space Warp *you know..the one when Maya is sick and changing into all the creatures*...I VIVIDLY remembered Maya. *although she's never really been a fav of mine*
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