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I have been using Vallejo paints pretty much exclusively for about three years now, a decision made at the time to save money as the GW paints were getting really expensive, and it was a decision that was proved to be correct after GW completely changed their range of paints last year.

I still have quite a lot of old Citadel paint ranges, a lot of them from the mid 1990s but they are gradually being used up and not replaced.

I switched to using Vallejo mainly for the military colours, and have the complete range of 'Model Colour' and 'Model Air' range as well. Only last week I bought a few bottles of the new Vallejo 'Wash' range, but not tried them out yet.

Before Citadel switched to their new paint system, the Vallejo 'Game Colour' range was virtually an exact match for the old GW colours, a deliberate act by Vallejo to lure customers away from GW around 7 to 8 years ago.
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