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Default Crooked Dice "Future Freedom Fighters"

OK, finally got round to stripping Blake and Gan last weekend, then redoing the priming on them.

Here's the lot, including Jon Pertwee and Nick Courtney as the Doctor and Brigadier.

Blake, Gan, and Soolin primed and ready for some colour.

I use Vallejo surface primer in black for a complete coat, grey to pick up the mid-tones (airbrushed from just above the waist at a downward angle so shadows stay black) and a small coat of white for the highlights (more extreme angle downwards from above the head, either full on to the face or off to one side depending on the model and effect I want.)

Exactly the same technique is used no matter what the size of model, such as this 54mm Imperial Kasrkin Sgt I picked up

Or these SD Spock and Picard figures.

I'll probably continue on with the SD figures so I can show people how I paint figures, and show the Crooked Dice figures as they go through the same stages to prove it can be done on that size of figure - although the pictures on the Crooked Dice website ought to do that!
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