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My pleasure, cytherians.
I guess the warp kit is the best that's out there - but the aspect of Eagle kit production that has always irked me is size.
We see ships from other shows given the royal treatment, look at the size of some of the Trek ships - not so much the Polar Lights 1:350 E, because that's an exception - I'm talking about the standard AMT offerings.
We, as Eagle fans need a good sized kit - 22" would be just right.

I remember building the Airfix Eagle with my dad back in the 70s. I came home from school hoping he'd completed it (the last job was to glue the spine to the walkways, IIRC). It was summer, and he left it completed in the garden on a step up to the lawn - kinda in a diorama setting. I thought it looked so accurate!
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