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So far I've made an approximation of the 'brain globe' out of...

The plastic sphere out of a giant Lindor sweet. Which I saved because it might come in handy ages ago and happens to be about the right size.

Eight 10mm diffuse red LEDs and some plastic cup washers. Lots cheaper and easier to find than correct panel lamps. I had the cup washers already.

Ten white 5mm LEDs made into a little 'light bomb' for the middle on some stripboard.

Wire, heatshrink and hot glue.

An Arduino nano.

Some manky old cotton wool. This is the naffest bit and I'll replace it later.

Having delved down my cellar I reckon I have enough clear acrylic already to build the main box, key box and orbital light chaser ring thing.

Which is a job for next weekend. The light chaser will be 10mm white diffuse LEDs, as I reckon the red ones worked well for this.

On order I have a bunch of coloured acrylic and clear tube.

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