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Default "Little" Star Wars build....

.....Back again for my 3rd little build and as the title suggests its a star wars one.
As a 7 year old boy i sat wide-eyed with my dad and became instantly hooked, and have been ever since with the ever expanding star wars universe.
From the very first shot of Leia's blockade runner trying to outrun the destroyer i fell in love with the ships, be they old republic craft, clonewars cartoon or from any of the 6 films.

So what to build?...The Falcon? No there are a million builds of this " bucket of bolts!"
Venator? Star destroyer? X-wing,Tie????? Nope.... Otana,Outrider,Ebon Hawk???? Nice and nearly did but still alot of builds of these are available wth a google search.

So hows about an AA9 Refugee transport???? What i hear you say????
Seen briefly in episode 2 Attack of the clones, Padme and Anakin don civillian clothes and catch an AA9 back to Naboo for safety while Obi Wan goes looking for the Assassin Jengo Fett.Here are some pictures to show what i'm on about....
side doors aa9.jpgaa9 take off.jpgaa9 side rear view.jpgaa-9_coruscant_freighter.jpg

So hopefully some of you will drop by for a look as i log my little AA9 transport build...

Untill the next post,

Regards Andy
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