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Originally Posted by VTracy View Post
Over 3 years of travel, at that speed, and not even halfway there yet.

These missions are getting longer and longer. Some of these scientists can now spend most of there career on a single mission. Look how long Caroline Porco has been working on Cassini.

It doesn't bother me, though. It gives me something to look forward too. I've been following this mission all a long. It's starting to get really exciting.
The reason why missions take so long is because spacecraft are using gravity assists. Gravity assists or slingshots help save fuel. A gravity assist from Saturn help propel Voyager One into interstellar space.Voyager's hydrazine fuel and power supply seems to be holding up.Voyager 2 is still communication with the Goldstone Deep Space Dish which is about a two hour drive from where I am standing.What is nice about gravitational assists around planets that we have chance to explore them further and the nature interstellar space.

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