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Default Clear plastic hemispheres wanted!

Hi, I`m looking for a source of, or someone who can manufacture for me, clear hollow plastic hemispheres, 24.5mm outer diameter, wall thickness 1mm. I`ve tried plastics manufacturers on the web, but none can do them that small. Tbh pushing a 23mm ball bearing into 1mm perspex/acrylic sheet would do it, but that's beyond my limited technical abilities....can anyone assist?
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Hi Chris,
have you tried the "home" vacuum method? Find a pipe with an inside diameter of 24.5mm, hook a vacuum to one end, cover the other with your plastic sheet, then heat the plastic with a heat gun while the vac pulls it downward.
I haven't tried it yet, but it seems to work for a lot of folk. Cheap too!
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Captain Sci-Fi
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That's a great idea but there is another way using a board with a hole in it to exactly the diameter you need and use a compressor to blow up the dome to the correct size also. If you made a box that the plate could cover (say from a biscuit tin or similar) you could blow up a lot of domes at the same time. Use a height gauge to measure them.
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Default spheres

Hey Chris,

Its Colin from Scale Model Technologies in Canada. I can probably do that size, we did smaller than that for our 1/6 scale Probot model kit.
I have a small 18" x 13" former we use.

Email me at or
direct through the site
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