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Default "Serial" numbers on Transporter Pods

I was just wondering, as I was admiring my 23" Transport Eagle that low on both sides on the Transport Pod were the numbers 4151 and 2644. I was curious as to whether these are the same numbers on all the Transport Pods or are they unique to each ship, which would be kinda cool if they were.

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Mine has the same numbers so I guess they are standard to all the issue.
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I can't remember where I read this, but I'm reasonably sure the serial numbers you refer to did not show up until the second half of year 2, and even then it might have only been on one of the three 44 inch models. So there isn't a whole lot of history there, I would say to just feel free to make up any numbers you want if you're putting decals on a project.

I agree it's a nice feature. The whole Eagle 1, 2, 3, .... 27 thing always bothered me a bit. Considering how often they lost eagles (particularly Eagle 1), they had to be renumbering the vehicles constantly. Then on top of that we see Eagle 4 both with and without the booster (lab) pod. So they are swapping pods all the time also. It would be a nightmare for the maintenance team to keep track of what parts they installed on which eagle (and what number that eagle has this week as opposed to three months earlier). So the idea that the pods had some sort of separate identification always appealed to me.

So when I scratch built a cargo pallet pod (aka - nuclear waste pod), I put serial numbers on it even though none of those pods ever showed such numbers on the screen (since we only saw them in Year 1).
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These numbers were only shown on one of the 44" standard transporter pods - built for the third 44" Eagle, and sold to Tim Ketzer a year or so ago. See his website for pics.

The original numbers come from Letraset sheets, and are commonly found on lots of different sheets as the serial numbers at the top.

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