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Default Hello everyone

Hello everyone - I have been registered for a while now but only posted my first message tonight. Wonderful site - I am really impressed with some of the model work that I have seen. I am a fan of all things sci - fi, but have a soft spot for anything Gerry Anderson - I wrecked many a dinky toy eagle when I was a lad. Still got a couple now, my four year old son enjoys playing with them. However my PE eagles are out of bounds, and so is my dinky UFO interceptor which is still boxed - I have them in a cabinet and I am always surprised that when visitors see them they recognize them, even after all this time.
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Welcome brenG! Glad you came out of lurk mode.
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Of course they recognise them.
Class never fades.
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Welcome to the forum great to have you here Add some photos to the Eagle fleet list when you can so that we can gloat with you over your collection
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