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Big Boris
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Default Modelling Thunderbird 2


Does anyone have any suggestions re: T2 models?

Not interested in PE stuff, or anything pre assembled-
Mate of mine is nuts about T2, and I thought it's just as easy to build two as it is one !!

1/72 scale ?/ scratchbuilt plans ?- I saw that David Sisson has built up a scratchbuilt T2- but no patterns/ masters/plans?

can anyone help??

( cost is a bit of an issue- I can't afford bulk $$ on masters etc)

Cheers !!!!

Big Boris 1999.

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Here's a cheap, low-tech approach you might try: sculpt your fuselage master using plasticine, make negative molds of it out of plaster, cast parts using strip papier mache, sand smooth, assemble. Some parts of TB2 are best built up in other ways (wings, tail unit, engines) but I think this would work well for the fuselage. Getting the fuselage right (particularly the shape of the nose, placement of cockpit glazing) is the key to getting TB2 to look right.

Another question is which filming model to build. The launch sequence hero model would be my vote. Just remember that there were many different TB2 models used throughout the series. I guess any and all of them would be considered "canon"; they're just not all consistent with one another. Chances are high you'll have to work out plans yourself. Make sure all your reference materials are for the one version you want to do. DVD screencaps are great, but remember to compensate for perspective effects. Parts of a 3D object closer to the camera it is photographed with will look proportionately larger than than they would in 2D plans and elevations of the same object.
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Old 25-06-2009, 10:10 AM   #3
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You could track down the Aoshima 1/350 kit that is pretty nice. A bit small but...

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Old 26-06-2009, 08:39 PM   #4
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Default 3 ft Thunderbird 2

I sell a 3 ft Thunderbird 2 ,kit check out

Westway avaition models , website look under tv models

It was the first model i ever scatch built and took moulds from , TB2 being my Fav Model


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