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BTW...There's a gentleman over on the Space:1999 Yahoo groups who now claims Juliet Landau is interested in doing a remake of Space...I don't know if this is true (or where he's getting his info from), but I had suggested her possible involvement, many months back...I'd love to see her tackle the role of Dr Russell.

Juliet has done some great roles on TV...She's a pretty good actress, from what I've seen (on Millenium and of course, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel).

Nick Tate has apparently expressed an interest in any remake or revival of Space:1999 too.

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Originally Posted by cmdrkoenig67 View Post
I agree with you, Eagle12...Sylvia was the producer of Series One, after all...I think she was a big part of what made Series One what it was. She's almost never mentioned in association with Anderson productions, it's too bad (I'm sure a lot of her own creativity and effort went into their making).

This is rather supportive of these thoughts...

Martin Landau on Sylvia Anderson: "Sylvia was a charming and gregarious person, always ready for a good laugh, but very bright and serious when necessary. When it came time to do production on the second season, Sylvia's absence was very strongly felt by me, as I liked dealing with her openness and her sensibilities."

There has to be a workable script. We all know what happened to the last Gerry Anderson film.
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Big Boris
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I'd Love to see Sylvia Anderson draft up a killer Space1999 movie and 'clean up' !!

I saw her on a utube interview recently- what an incredibly intelligent and articulate woman..
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David A. Sobral
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Originally Posted by eaglewingone View Post
Start writing letters to JJ Abrams or Brannon Braga
I did...haven't heard back from them yet, though...
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