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Default Studio scale

Hi All

Just toying with getting a studio scale Mobile but as I want it for conversion to R/C( I'm usually found on the UK Tank forum as I'm more a tank nut but love the SHADO mobile) its sounding like the Maraxian/Comet kit isn't ideal. Any of you guys here know where I can get or sell themselves a fibre glass pull of the body as if I'm going to have to redo the running gear it seems pointless shelling out all that dosh for stuff I'll have to bin anyway?


Great forum by the way and your all a very talented bunch
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My experience of these kits is that they were the wrong shape and size and were also twisted mouldings requiring extensive alterations. The major selling point seemed to be the wheel castings from the toy used on the series - but you can normally buy the real toy on ebay.
As the model shell is basically box shaped you would be better off having a go at doing it yourself from MDF or thick plastic.

....... S.I.G David Mark Sisson
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