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As an aside, I never saw Jason King, but i do remember the sketch Harry Enfield did called "The Playboys" where he lampooned the style of those detectives from that era - one of the funniest sketches i've ever seen:

I also remember the Comic Strip episode from the late 80's "Detectives On The Edge Of A Nervous Breakdown" with lots of delicious performances of the CS team as detectives of the 70's/80's - I think Peter Richardson played Jason King as well as "Foyle" of the Professionals - fantastic episode.

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Harry Enfield is a genius! Some of these names are funnier than the sketches: Monty Carlo, Jason Queen and Sidney Harbour-Bridge!

Good link - thanks for posting it!

- J
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Originally Posted by Dorzac View Post
As an aside, I never saw Jason King.
thanks to you tube here is Jason King

ze German Radical dubbing version
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